Millions Spent in Albany to Drill for Gas

Heriberto Rodriguez protested in Albany in July a decision to move forward with an exploration of the Marcellus Shale. From The New York Times


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Election Day
November 5, 2013

October 2013

Dear Butternuts Voter,

 The Friends of Butternuts asks that you Vote Antifrack on Tuesday,  November 5 in the local elections held at Town Hall from 6 am to 9 pm.

A Town ban on drilling is the best defense we have to protect our health and well being, clean water and air, property values, and way of life.

The town Board has come a long way  in the last two years – passing a moratorium, enacting a new code of ethics and adopting a comprehensive plan to guide and inform future decisions. And a ban on gas drilling is almost finished.  By contrast, at the county level, the board could be doing much more to guard against the threats posed by gas drilling.

Four  of our local candidates have clearly taken an antifracking postition:

                    Charles Eckelmann – Town Supervisor
                        Scot Lueck – Town Board
                        Joyce Pattengill – Town Board
                        Teresa Winchester – County Rep

These candidates have actively educated themselves and others in this complex issue, understand what is at stake, and will work hard to protect our interests.

In a close election every vote counts.  Our turnout is critical.  Make a diffference – for yourself and for your community.  Take time out to vote on Tuesday.

Thank you.

Help us send this letter to all the registered voters in Butternuts. Donate money today using your credit/debit card or pay pal account.